Robotics Projects

Many of these projects have been done in collaboration with > R4H <

Bodies at Rest: 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation Using Synthetic Data

Deep Learning for 3D Human Pose Estimation

  • IROS 2018 paper: > Link to pre-print <
  • In healthcare settings, bedding materials, loose clothing, over-bed tables, and other objects increase the challenge of human pose estimation.
  • This work uses a pressure sensing blanket underneath the person to learn a human skeleton kinematics model.

Robot Assisted Dressing

AutoBed: A device enabling computer control of a hospital bed

  • > Link to paper <
  • More information available via > <
  • Watch the quadrock, where Autobed enables a person with quadriplegia to dance:

Whiskey-Bot: Assistive EMG-based drinking system

  • Featured and described on > TEDx Sonoma <
  • Mechatronic system to control movement of a drinking straw and fluid pump

First Robotics Club

  • At NYU, I started a robotics club at  Millennium Brooklyn High School in Park Slope.  I recruited 20 students, who designed and coded a robot for the 2015 FTC competition.  Here are some photos–building and competing:

  • I also co-instructed a 9th grade quantitative research class and designed a class project around an AR drone. I presented this work at the > 2016 ASEE Conference <.

AR Drone Automatic Landing and Charging Station

  • > Link to project report <
  • Can facilitate environment exploration for persons with disabilities
    • Battery has short life (~15 mins), requiring manipulation to remove battery and insert in wall charger
  • Conductive feet added to drone for charging

  • Uses Nintendo Wii remote IR camera to sense a triad of light clusters on landing pad and control landing

  • Magnetic feet used on pad and drone feet increase landing accuracy. 

The UltraMouse: A device to control a computer cursor with head movement

The Wouse: A PR2 robot safety stop device

  • Uses an optical mouse on a pair of safety glasses to detect a person’s wince for stopping a robot
  • See complete description on > <