December 16, 2018

Since I first began to think consciously and act on the environmental impact of my lifestyle and eating habits, I’ve struggled to find the right term to define how I eat. It’s a question that comes up endlessly in various groups and settings. I want to say vegetarian, but that’s not quite right. I’d like to think I’m an environmental activist, but I’m also a practical person living in the real world, so discrepancies arise quickly.  On the other hand, it seems impossibly tricky to be *this* activist and have these discussions without escalating the conversation into a void of self-righteousness.  I’ve been guilty of lacking integrity as a vegetarian and pointing fingers–the worst of all sides, a pariah in any context.  It’s been more difficult for me to confront this problem than it is to not eat meat.  However, in general, persistence is among my qualities, so here are two strategies I take to try to reduce my carbon footprint:

1. Avoid meat in most contexts.  Beef and pork, particularly, produce a large amount of CO2- per-Calorie in comparison to other foods.  Many people I’ve met were not aware of this problem, so >this article< is a start.

2. Live strategically. I live 3 blocks from a MARTA station in Atlanta, which provides a direct route to the airport and the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market for groceries, among other destinations.  It’s actually a lot faster than traffic during much of the day.  I also live 1 mile from my workplace, so I can bike most days and take the bus when it rains.

October 5, 2018

I have attended my first robotics conference – IROS 2018 in Madrid, Spain. An exciting part of the trip has been to attend a demonstration of Erica, an android developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro.

July 15, 2018

I was hoping to have Robert Hershon read his poem Superbly Situated at my wedding, but various reasons precluded this. So, I took a video of him reading it. I think it’s delightful.